What Sets AC Technical Apart – Systems Development and Design

For over 30 years, we at AC Technical Systems have worked to provide clients with a high level of service and security system expertise. Our commitment to excellence has set us apart from the competition. Clients continue to look to us for the systems development and design services that result in a security solution that meets and exceeds their expectations.

We tailor our integrated security systems to be scalable to accommodate our customers’ growth and own unique IT environment. Our years of experience and knowledge of the latest technology capabilities make us expert in designing and installing security systems that stand out from the rest.

It all begins in the planning and systems development phase. In this initial phase of the project, our engineers perform site surveys and equipment testing to identify use and system requirements, develop system concepts, and analyze and determine state-of-the-art products and system configurations. This enables them to use their expertise to develop systems that align precisely with our customers’ individual needs and specifications.

We use Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to streamline and supplement the planning, documentation and maintenance processes of the project to maximize the overall value of the network.

Our CADD/GIS services can include, wherever required: Inside and outside plant documentation, system concepts and equipment specifications; an intelligent mapping system; data research and general mapping; GIS professional consulting services; construction drawings and systems schematics; training manuals, and As-Built drawings. These drawings detail and record all installations completed and equipment used thus far, making them a very valuable resource for modifying and upgrading the system.

AC Technical Systems Ltd.’s engineering expertise then moves systems development from the drawing board to the field, to design a fully operating system or network. This is when the design / execution phase begins, and includes product selection and choosing the various security systems to deploy, for example, access control, video surveillance, and intrusion prevention Advanced systems such as video analytics, facial recognition, and enhanced video review can be added to the design, if needed, as well.

To accommodate the varying needs of our customers, we at AC Technical Systems can integrate existing security systems with new technology to deliver an upgraded and complete customized solution.

From the planning stage to our system design phase which culminates in a fully operating system or network, AC Technical is dedicated to delivering the very best in security system performance and protection. See for yourself what sets us apart from the rest!

About Us

Incorporated in 1990, AC Technical Systems Ltd. is a state of the art system integrator which focuses on the full spectrum and operation of IT network infrastructure and system development as well as installation and service to enable effective operation.

AC Technical Systems Ltd. provides all your corporate security needs with the latest technology solutions to ensure the protection of your people, information and assets.

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