Security for Healthcare Operations – Protecting Patients and Staff

The healthcare sector faces security challenges that are markedly different than those of most end users. They operate continuously around the clock and are accessed by varying groups of people from medical and administrative staff, EMTs, patients, visitors, outside vendors and more. Integrating all facets of a facility’s security such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and communications capabilities into one unified platforms affords users a unified view of all their on-site operations. This empowers security teams to respond more quickly to security incidents and potential threats.

Safeguarding patients, staff and visitors while also mitigating any incidents of violence or theft is challenging in itself. Add to that the unprecedented and unanticipated stresses put on hospitals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the potential for security lapses becomes all the more daunting.

AC Technical recognizes the very serious and specific security threats inherent to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Together with our technology partners, we are relied upon to deliver the solutions they need to navigate those challenges.

Unified security systems in healthcare facilities allow their monitoring operators to receive and respond to incidents much more quickly. This enables medical staff to maintain an excellent standard of patient care. One platform that encompasses varying levels of access control and credentialing, video surveillance inside and out, intrusion detection on the pharmacy, patient location monitoring for geriatric patients, staff duress alerting, asset tracking for locating critical equipment quickly, and emergency call stations in garages and parking lots are all critical components that must be considered when implementing a hospital-wide security solution.

In addition to the lifesaving tasks hospitals provide, they’re also shouldered with staying in compliance with constantly changing government regulations. Staying compliant with regulations such as HIPPA dictates the need to ensure that all patient records remain private. When equipped with the right physical security platform, hospitals can protect the privacy of patients by anonymizing their identity so that monitoring operators only see what they need to see. To further ensure a protected patient experience, a well-equipped security system can streamline operations in hospitals by automating healthcare processes and ensuring staff follow codified procedures.

And, in today’s environment of increasing cyber threats and identity theft, a security system must be designed and deployed with cyber security best practices in mind. AC Technical deploys security solutions that protect the integrity of sensitive data and ensures there are no vulnerabilities in the network.

Call on AC Technical to learn how we can improve your hospital’s security and emergency preparedness and keep in compliance with ever evolving government regulations.

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