Top 4 Features and Benefits of Video Analytics

Video analytics (VA) is being adopted by increasingly more users across all industry sectors, and with good reason. It enables them to automatically analyze video to better detect and define what is actually occurring in their video surveillance feeds.

Staying on top of all this activity can be very challenging for operators who are tasked with monitoring activity across a large number of cameras. Together with our technology partners, AC Technical is delivering a solution that allows a more intuitive way to consume information about potential security events. Termed Focus of Attention (FoA), this interface solution shows a comprehensive topology of all the cameras in a system. It uses artificial intelligence to detect and flag events that command attention, highlighting them visually in colour-coded nodes to indicate varying levels of importance.

Operators benefit from the insights that each of these colour codes provide them with, as they enable them to respond more quickly and appropriately to an incident in progress. Easy to navigate, operators, with a simple mouse hover over the illuminated node, can preview the live video or click into the node to expand it for a closer review and replay of the event.

The events that the Focus of Attention flag span Motion Detected, Unusual Motion Detection, Unusual Activity Detected, License Plate as well as Facial Recognition of individuals on Watch Lists.

A node illuminated in blue simply indicates that motion has been detected. A teal colored node indicates that unusual motion has been detected while a yellow node indicates that unusual activity has been detected. So what exactly is the difference? They are the same in that both are edge-based, intelligent technologies that differentiate between typical and atypical events by continuously learning from observing scenes over time. But, while Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology continuously learns what a typical scene looks like, then detects and flags unusual motions that deviate from that model, Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) is object-aware and detects the atypical behavior of learned objects like people and vehicles. These Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies allow operators to filter through vast amounts of recorded video faster because they flag unusual events that may warrant further investigation, thereby reducing hours of work to minutes.

Our Focus of Attention analytics capabilities also automatically read license plate information from vehicles, linking it to live and recorded video. This enables security operators to search and quickly find specific captured license plate video for verification and investigation. Users can create and import several license plate Watch Lists that will trigger a notification when caught on their video feeds. Similarly, our AI-powered facial recognition technology solutions help operators speed up response times by quickly identifying people of interest who are identified based on secure Watch Lists.

A red node indicates to operators that an actual alarm has been triggered and verification and/or response is needed.

Video analytics continue to evolve and assist operators and security teams to more easily detect and quickly respond to security incidents as they are happening. Ask AC Technical how we can help your organization leverage the many enhanced capabilities that our video analytics solutions, including the Focus of Attention interface, can deliver.

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