Security Innovations Are Assisting Businesses Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of life as we once knew it. It has impacted every corner of the globe and people across every walk of life. While it was a tough challenge to adjust at the onset to a locked down way of life, the challenge of migrating back to a full reopening will likely be even more challenging.

Increasingly more people are assimilating back into their schools and workplaces. The innovations that the security industry is delivering to help meet those challenges and help in the spread of infection are playing a pivotal part in the process. Physical security technologies are proving very effective in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thermal imaging solutions for measuring elevated body temperatures are helping to increase safety in the workplace, schools, even retail outlets and hospitality venues. Temperature Screening Kiosks are contactless and their biometric capabilities provide fast and accurate body temperature readings.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness and driven efforts to eliminate the spread of germs wherever possible. Consequently, demand for contactless solutions has ushered in the introduction of many touchless access control innovations. These include Wave-to-Open door sensors; the use of mobile credentials to gain access; contactless fingerprint sensors, iris scanners, and facial recognition technologies to deny or grant access.

In addition, deep learning analytics are delivering video solutions that facilitate meeting mandates ranging from social distancing, people counting, occupancy monitoring, mask detection, and even reporting compliance. Cameras positioned at various entrances, for example, can actually count the number of people coming in and out of a building. And, they can show occupancy status in real-time, and send an alert when occupancy is nearing required limits. Video analytics can also detect and alert if someone is spotted not wearing a mask. Some video analytics solutions even include reporting tools for people counting and rule violations by time, day, and month to ensure accurate and sometimes required recordkeeping.

As a state of the art system integrator, AC Technical Systems is staying on the cutting edge of these innovative technologies to help in the fight against COVID-19. We’ve successfully implemented solutions that are allowing our clients to adopt to this ‘new normal’ and provide the safest spaces possible for their employees and customers. Call on AC Technical Systems to provide all security needs with the latest technology solutions to ensure the protection of your people, information and assets.

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