A Closer Look at Visitor Management Systems

Organizations have long recognized the benefits of electronic visitor management systems. They not only improve efficiency, accuracy and record-keeping, a visitor management system can serve as an integral part of an organization’s overall physical security processes.

While countless enterprises have come to rely on the peace of mind that their visitor management system provides, even more are opting to implement one in this re-opening phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you’re welcoming back employees or guests, the visitor management solutions we at AC Technical can provide you with will help you re-open and maintain your office operations more safely. Our visitor management systems come complete with features that work for your workplace – from sign-in to security, compliance, and beyond. They allow you to offer visitors a touchless sign-in experience, and provide you with contact tracing capabilities. An electronic health questionnaire can be automatically generated to be filled out by everyone before they’re granted access, enabling you to reopen your office, maintain compliance, and ensure the health and safety of everyone who enters your space. Our systems also afford you the convenience and flexibility to manage building access for your employees and visitors from anywhere.

And there are so many other benefits that our visitor management systems can provide you with. You can welcome guests with a modern and customizable sign-in kiosk, available in over 20 languages, and say good-bye to your antiquated paper and pen sign-in system. And our sign-in flows are completely customizable, enabling you to record exactly what you need for each visitor and easily recognize returning and expected visitors.

The visitor dashboard updates your digital visitor log when guests sign in and allows you to sort, filter, and export visitor details with a simple click. Approved visitor badges complete with your company logo are automatically generated and assist with onsite security. And, badges can be pre-printed and reprinted anytime for added convenience.

Automatic notification capabilities allow you to alert employees when their visitors arrive onsite, as well as send security alerts when unwanted visitors attempt to sign in and notify administrators of any unattended visitors.

The Registration processes an electronic visitor management systems delivers will make your manual systems seem like they came from the Dark Ages. Enjoy a registration system that lets your team know who to expect, sends arrival information to guests, and speeds up sign-in. It can create a list of expected visitors; send invite emails with helpful custom details, and let guests provide sign-in details before they arrive. Group sign-ins are also a snap, thanks to the smart features that streamline sign-in for all. They allow visitors to sign-in with “plus ones” and can register and send invite emails to multiple guests at the same time. Visitor sign out is equally simple. Visitors can sign out using the iPad kiosk or be signed out by the employee directly from the dashboard or their assigned Mobile app which enables on-the-go access anytime from anywhere.

The sign-out capabilities also, and very importantly, provide a picture of who’s on site, which is critical for compliance and emergency preparedness. If regulations require that you keep detailed visitor records, our visitor management systems can help – they provide impeccable record keeping. The visitor log is always up to date, and includes visitor IDs. The log is also easy to access in emergency or evacuation situations, ensuring that all visitors are accounted for.

Cal us today to learn more about how our visitor management systems can go to work for your workplace – from sign-in to security, compliance, and beyond.

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