What Sets AC Technical Apart – Custom Training

Providing clients with trusted security and life safety solutions is Priority #1 at AC Technical Systems. Our planning and system design expertise combine to deliver to our customers the most relevant and highly-functioning security system needed to meet their specific security challenges. And, while that is our solid commitment to our customers, that commitment does not end there. As your trusted security integration partner, we are there to support you well after the project is planned, installed and implemented.

We know, firsthand, that security technologies are growing ever more sophisticated and complex. We have a deep knowledge of those technologies and our professional staff of integrators and engineers undergo intensive, updated and industry-specific training to ensure they maintain the highest level of competence that complies with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. We understand the workings and capabilities of the security solutions we provide. And, we believe it’s important that our customers do, as well, so as to leverage the best possible capabilities and performance of those solutions.

We don’t complete the install and say “Job Done!” Rather, we are here to deliver to our clients the customized training and guidance they need to understand the workings of their security system. Our factory-trained professionals provide specific on-site, hands-on training to all our clients for their particular software and equipment development needs so they can glean all the benefits of their security system. Our video surveillance, access control, intrusion prevention systems are all designed to maximize the safety and security of people and property. We at AC Technical Systems can be counted on to show, and explain, all their functions and capabilities to empower customers to maximize all their capabilities. We also provide one-on-one and group training options for any and all clients who would like them.

AC Technical recognizes that our customers are focused on running their businesses, and make it our business to be there for them long after the installation and training is done. That’s why we are pleased to also provide them with any technical and/or customer support they may need moving forward. We’re only a phone call away. And that’s just one more way AC Technical has set itself apart from our competition!

About Us

Incorporated in 1990, AC Technical Systems Ltd. is a state of the art system integrator which focuses on the full spectrum and operation of IT network infrastructure and system development as well as installation and service to enable effective operation.

AC Technical Systems Ltd. provides all your corporate security needs with the latest technology solutions to ensure the protection of your people, information and assets.

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