Choosing an Integrator Based on Quality of Service

The changing tides of the world we live in has created unprecedented demand for enhanced security. End users across all sectors recognize that strong security solutions are sorely needed to safeguard their people, property and data. Solutions ranging from access control to video surveillance to cybersecurity are being sought – and implemented – at record pace. Enterprises know how important these measures are to protecting their operations.

What many enterprises may not know, however, is how to go about choosing a skilled security systems integration to partner with. All integration companies are not created equal, so end users must do their homework before selecting one to entrust their security needs to. While shopping for a competitively priced security solution is always a key consideration, end users must also consider the long-term cost of an installation that isn’t implemented properly.

Flashy websites and glossy sales brochures may appear professional, but digging beneath a superficial surface is super important when shopping for a security provider. What matters most is the quality of service – and level of technical expertise – a systems integrator partner is prepared to deliver.

The security industry has continued to evolve and advance in sophistication. Associations and certifications are in place to help continue to advance the industry and keep integrators on the cutting edge of the technologies and products they’re specifying.

AC Technical places very high importance on providing our clients with high performance security solutions that embrace today’s IP technology. Our core values of reliability and innovation translate into delivering best-of-breed solutions backed by the technical expertise needed to service them. Our professional staff undergoes extensive technical training that enables us to undertake large and complex projects. We are well equipped to provide support to customers with technologies including Access Control, CCTV, IP Based Video, Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Duress Systems which optimize open IT network standards.

We recognize – and end users should, too – how important it is for integrators to earn factory certification on the solutions and equipment they implement. AC Technical is proud to assure our clients that we’ve achieved ISO 9001 certification and continually surpass the quality standards on an annual basis with each completed audit.

The ISO 9001 Standard is the most sought-after and internationally acclaimed management system standard. Internally, the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard helps to improve operational and management efficiency and effectiveness. ISO 9001 isn’t merely a Quality Assurance Standard or a degree of excellence; it ensures that customer requirements are met with consistency. Our certification is an assurance that we are committed to continually improving systems to better ensure customer satisfaction.

AC Technical Systems Ltd. surpasses the ability to consistently provide services that meet our clients’ needs and are applicable to statutory and regulatory requirements. We continually aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the ISO 9001:2015 system, which includes processes for risk management and continual improvement and assurance of conformity to our client’s needs and expectations.

Clients can turn to us for the quality of service their security solutions demand. Call on us and see for yourself why customers choose us because of our work, and stay with us because of our service!

About Us

Incorporated in 1990, AC Technical Systems Ltd. is a state of the art system integrator which focuses on the full spectrum and operation of IT network infrastructure and system development as well as installation and service to enable effective operation.

AC Technical Systems Ltd. provides all your corporate security needs with the latest technology solutions to ensure the protection of your people, information and assets.

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