Security for Healthcare Operations – Part 1 Streamlining Operations

Enterprises of all kinds are recognizing the benefits of a unified security system. Rather than depending on disparate systems, a unified system which spans the integration of video surveillance and analytics, access control, intrusion detection, license plate recognition, and communications solutions provides one platform that allows them to work together seamlessly. This, in turn, empowers end users to control these various systems from one common graphical user interface (GUI).

This level of control is especially beneficial in healthcare applications. Hospitals face a multitude of security challenges – challenges that most end users don’t have to contend with. They operate around the clock, every day of the year, and have a multitude of people coming and going at all times. These include medical staff, emergency service / EMTs, administrative staff, patients, visitors and outside vendors and contractors.

There is also a wide spectrum of facilities within a hospital, and each with different access control requirements. These range from overcrowded emergency rooms, to intensive care units, maternity floors with infant nurseries, psychiatric floors, patient records offices, narcotics closets and more. Additional concerns span parking garage security, safeguarding patients, and deterring theft of controlled substances and sensitive, private patient information.

Maintaining control of who is coming and going where – and when – is a task best performed with a unified security system supported by a vigilant security team. By integrating the various components of a modern security system, a unified platform delivers the enhanced situational awareness so critical to safely and effectively managing hospital safety.

The way a unified security platform manages the different components of a security environment is through a centralized open-architecture built to provide complete access to all data. This enables faster alarm notification. The added ability to verify the event – as it is happening – on the video footage eliminates false alarms and enables faster response to true security incidents. The system also provides monitoring and/or security teams with immediate awareness of when and where access control credentials are denied, also resulting in quicker resolution of a potential breach. And because users are empowered to control the various components of their systems from one common graphical user interface (GUI), the number of monitors they need to keep their eyes on is significantly reduced. This also allows hospital and healthcare systems that operate multiple facilities across their network to remotely monitor their premises from one central location.

As hospitals continue to evolve in scope and services, a unified security system can be expanded upon to meet their changing needs in the future.

Hospital staffs have enough on their plates providing quality patient care. A unified security platform provides the peace of mind they need to keep running on all cylinders 24/7/365.

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  • Security for Healthcare Operations – Part 1 Streamlining Operations

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